August 20, 2017

3 Recommended Books on Clinical Research

One of the top books on clinical research is “Conducting Clinical Research” by Dr. Judy Stone. The book is designed for doctors, research assistants and nurses alike. Every aspect of the clinical trial process is covered. There is also attention paid to privacy and ethical issues that may arise during the process. You’ll also find some sample worksheets in the back of the book that could prove helpful, as well as information on training that may be needed.


Another one of the popular books on clinical research is “Principals and Practice of Clinical Research” by John I. Gallin, Editor. This book was given a positive review by the New England Journal of Medicine. The format is based on a popular clinical research course, with text provided by some of the top researchers in the medical field. Several chapters are devoted to some of the newest developments in clinical research, making it a good choice for students. There is also extensive attention given to legal and ethical issues.


“Fundamentals of Clinical Trials” by Lawrence M. Friedman, Curt D. Furberg and David L. DeMets is another one of the recommended books on clinical research. This books is currently on its fourth edition, with a lot of new information added since the third edition was published. Its focus is mainly on those who are ready to begin working on clinical trials and need some guidance. The chapters are arranged in logical order, from the very beginning to the very end of the trial. One of the things that makes the book effective is its use of real-life examples from various trials. This helps give readers a better idea of the whole process, from start to finish.


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