August 22, 2017

A Guide to CNA Test Questions and Answers

The written part of the exam is first administered. The CNA Test Questions and Answers are given as means of evaluating the skills deemed vital in the role of a CNA. Through using the questions as a study guide, one can have a glimpse of the type of question that may possibly come out in the actual exam. Results of the CNA test are highly dependent on the person’s skills and a sample questionaire can only serve as a review guide

CNA Test Questions and Answers are considered to be of a great help for those who intend to take up the NNAAP certification exam. It is through the sample questions and answers that helped the test takers obtain favorable, if not high test results.

A good example of a CNA Test Questions and Answers are similar to this: What is Fowler’s Position? Of which it is defined as the basic patient position wherein the patient is  found to be in a partially upright sitting pose, and his knees are either bent or straight,

The second component of the exam is the practical or hands’-on portion. CNA Test Questions and Answer is no longer given in this part, however, the applicant is then asked to perform a CNA skill. It is in this exam that the motor skill through effective execution of a skill is assessed by a nurse evaluator. Further, the hands-on exam allows the CNA examinees to apply the knowledge they acquired in real life situations. Helping a patient use a bed pan or assisting the patient with their personal grooming are just two of the many skills that the nurse evaluator asks the examinees to perform on the practical part of the CNA test.

It is highly recommended that one should do further readings on CNA tests to have a better understanding on what to expect regarding the exam.

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