August 23, 2017

About Cedra Clinical Research in San Antonio

Cedra Clinical Research in San Antonio is a state-of-the-art facility that meets and exceeds current standards. The site is fully GCP-ICH compliant, ensuring that the highest quality of research is used. The facility’s employees have experience in a number of different medical specialities, ensuring that any clinical trial needs can easily be met. Some of the specialties include anxiety disorders, diabetes and opthalmology. The key employees have a high retention rate, which is considered to be an asset. Continuing education and training are required of employees to ensure that their skills are up to date.


Cedra Clinical Research in San Antonio has some of the best facilities in the research field. The clinical and sample processing laboratories are both fully equipped. These labs are help make the clinical trial process much easier with their new equipment. The CSF equipment is also fully updated in order to meet established standards. A clean room is available that meets Class 100,000 standards, which helps maintain the integrity of the trial process. The lab facilities meet the state and federal requirements that are expected of similar research facilities. This facility has a world-class reputation that the staff works hard to help maintain.


Safety and security at Cedra Clinical Research in San Antonio are both state-of-the-art. This helps protect the safety of subjects being used in the trials. The integrity of the research is also maintained by these safety measures. The Phase 1 unit has restricted access. The freezers used in the facilities include security alarms. The areas where procedures are performed offer plenty of space. An atomic clock system helps the staff to accurately tell the time. Telemetry equipment is also used to help monitor the subjects’ pulse and blood pressure rates for a safer experience. The research trials conducted at this facility are professional and safe.


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