August 18, 2017

About Clinical Research Jobs Austin TX

There are three common clinical research jobs Austin TX. These include clinical research assistant, clinical research coordinator and clinical research associate. Many who choose these types of positions have prior experience as nurses or pharmacy technicians. A prior background with medical coding is also helpful. Research assistants and coordinators provide a key role in data collection, while associates have more of a supervisory role. An associate position will normally require a Master’s degree.


If you’re looking into clinical research jobs Austin TX, it’s helpful to consider whether you might need to go back to school. Unlike some medical positions, such as nursing assistant, it’s not possible to begin work at entry-level and obtain the necessary credentials through work experience. You should at least have an Associate’s degree, and may want to consider obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. Special certifications are also available for those who do clinical research work. Obtaining certification will greatly increase your chances of getting a good job. This certification can be obtained through the Society of Clinical Research Associates or Association of Clinical Research Professionals.


Listings for clinical research jobs Austin TX can be found through many popular online job sites. You can also find out about available positions through hospitals and clinics in the Austin area. Make sure your resume is updated and reflects all relevant experience. Many find themselves passed over for jobs they’re well-qualified for because they did not list prior job experiences that would have been helpful. Make sure all your previous job dates are accurate, and list professional references when appropriate. Your relevant certifications should be listed along with information on any degrees that you earned. A well-written cover letter is also likely to be a welcome addition to your application.



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