August 20, 2017

About Educational Classes for Free CNA Training in Syracuse, NY

The official title for a nurse’s assistant is known as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). A CNA has several roles to perform in the present health care system. They are accountable for patient care and administrative duties. The free training available at Syracuse can help provide the CNAs on track to a rewarding career. There is great demand for Syracuse CNAs. One can get started by applying to the several nursing schools available with Syracuse CNA training programs. While selecting a CNA school, you must learn regarding all the costs that are linked with the training programs. There are a few schools which list the expenses inclusive of all the costs while a few training schools may require you to purchase certain extra material at additional fees from the CNA certification.

Educational Classes for free CNA training can be obtained at several places Syracuse, NY. Below are mentioned few details about Educational Classes for Free CNA Training in Syracuse, NY

James Square Health and Rehabilitation

In case you are searching about Educational Classes for Free CNA Training in Syracuse, NY then, you must look out for the James Square Health and Rehabilitation class which offers a six-week, free certified nursing assistant course. After the completion of the training, the trainees are offered a job along with $1,000 bonus for a period of the first six months of employment. The nursing students too, are motivated to apply. James Square Health and Rehabilitation is constantly searching for individuals for the new training sessions.

About Educational Classes for Free CNA Training in Syracuse, NY

St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation

Your search about Educational Classes for Free CNA Training in Syracuse, NY should end at St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation which provides a free CNA training program. St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation is a nonprofit health organization which trains and pays for the training. It has several full- and part-time CNA vacancies available on completion of the training.

Elderwood Senior Care

While searching about Educational Classes for free CNA Training in Syracuse, NY, you must consider Elderwood Senior Care too. Elderwood Senior Care offers paid training for those intending to become CNA. The CNA training sessions at Elderwood Senior Care last for five to seven weeks. The training sessions include classroom training, facility orientation and hands-on training. Classes are based on the need of the CNAs. Before joining the CNA training classes at Elderwood Senior Care the applicants are supposed to successfully complete a screening process.


  1. brendaonwuka says:

    will you be getting paid for the training if so how much and once we finish yhe training will we be offered a job based on our performance

  2. brenda onwuka says:

    wil the job offer be based on the overall performance or just the clinical and if you are trying to reinstate your cna license because they lapse will you be eligible to take the cousre

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