August 18, 2017

About the Icon Clinical Research Organization

One of the areas that the Icon clinical research organization specializes in is the full research  process. The company is well-staffed enough to fully provide for each phase of the clinical trial. Consulting services are offered to facilitate better product development. Protocol design services will help shape the course of the trial. The various studies that can be conducted include food effect, drug interaction and special population studies. The company also has extensive experience in observational studies. All phases of the research are handled using established protocols.


One of the advantages of the Icon clinical research organization is its extensive group of laboratories. All facilties are CAP-accredited, with GCP or GLP accreditation. Each of the labs is designed to fully handle all aspects of the chemical reaction process. The New York-based lab is even equipped to handle blood samples that are HIV or AIDS-infected without jeopardizing other non-infected samples. Consulting services are offered to address a number of related issues, including toxicology and biomarkers. The lab staff can easily prepare lab reports that are ready to be submitted directly to any interested parties.


Icon clinical research organization has volunteer opportunities at its San Antonio and Omaha facilities. The volunteers fulfill an important role as subjects for the clinical trials. In addition to trying new medications, volunteers also play a major role in making improvements to existing medications and treatments. Careful guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of the subjects. An independent review board also oversees the results of the studies. Subjects can expect to have to stay at the facility overnight for certain periods. The exact duration of the study will vary. All studies are overseen by a physician and experienced staff to ensure subject safety, with monitoring of vitals taking place throughout the process.


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