August 18, 2017

An Introduction to CNA Instructors Online

The term CNA is abbreviated as Certified Nurse Assistant. CNA is a person who works for the hospitals and pharmaceutical centers. He or she plays an important role in performing all the essential duties and assists the physicians in all their work effectively. In most of the local community colleges and vocational schools, students are instructed and encouraged to join the CNA course.

These courses are now available through online, CNA instructors online includes all the necessary information and details on how to become a CNA instructor.

How to Become a CNA Instructor

The CNA instructors online include step by step process for CNA instructors. Five important steps are included, they are as follows:

Attend Nursing School: The CNA instructors require a registered nurse credit. A two year associate degree in nursing or a four year Bachelor of Science in nursing program is essential for these programs. Subjects related to natural sciences, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology courses are also applicable.

Some of the programs included in CNA instructors online classes are
• Family and individual wellness
• Pharmacology foundations
• Clinical nutrition
• Patient assessment
• Altered adult health patterns
• Ethics in nursing

Acquire RN Licensure: Nurses should be graduated from an accredited nursing school and pass the National Council Licensure Examination. Once you pass the National Council Licensure Examination, the nurses can utilize the RN designation. All the CNA instructors’ RN licensure should be good and no disciplinary actions should be against them.

Job Experience: To apply for this post, you require a nursing experience for CNA instructors and two years of experience in the related field. The requirement is same for all the states. Some states require one or two years of experience in caring for the old aged people and patients with chronic illness in rehabilitation center, hospitals, and nursing homes. The registered staffs or nurses can gain their work experience from hospitals, doctor’s offices, emergency care facilities, schools, and other locations. A teaching certificate on CNA instructors is also essential.

Trainer Certification Course: Train-the-Trainer Certification course satisfies all the federal requirements that are meant for CNA training programs. These courses are taught to almost all the states and individuals. It includes the particulars on how to teach and satisfy the needs of students and the principles of adult learning. Based upon the state, Train-the-Trainer course duration ranges from 15 to25 hours and can be learnt in a series of weekends.

Teaching CNA Classes: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010, the job prospects for nursing educators have increased a lot. Various jobs are available for CNA instructors and you can contact municipal health departments, local community colleges, some high schools, nursing care facilities, and vocational-technical centers.


    • CNAInstructor says:

      This is nonetheless a lengthy process. You have to become a RN. Then work experience is critical. Attending a train the trainer course can help further to become the CNA instructor

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