August 18, 2017

Average CNA Salary in Missouri

The Certified nurse assistants are classified in the nursing aides, orderlies and attendants occupational category as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). They help nurses take care of patients by feeding, washing, moving and helping the patients take care of their hygiene and personal appearance.

The average yearly CNA salary in USA is approximately $24,900. As per the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment Statistics, the average salary per hour for employees is approximately $12.01 as on May 2009. This average salary is dependent on the location of the employment, and who the employee is.

The top certified nursing assistant earners are those with the most experience, and those in the 90 percentile earn approximately $33,900 yearly, whereas a certified nursing assistant who is the bottom 10 percent can earn approximately on an average $17,500 yearly. A pay scale survey revealed that 20,900 CNAs found that the salary for nurse assistants would range from $19,800 to $27,000.

CNA Salary in Missouri, in the area of Kansas City was the highest on the average of $24,470 amongst those in the metropolitan area of Missouri; the next area was St. Louis where the average salary for CNAs was $23,100 for the of May 2009. The lowest salary was offered in Jefferson City, where the average was $19,300 yearly, and in Joplin, the average was $19,640 yearly.

The location where you are employed plays an important role in the salary that you shall get. If you live in the state of Alaska, the average CNA is approximately $32,300, while those living in the state of Mississippi earn a yearly average salary of $19,600. Those CNAs who are working in the area of San Francisco metropolitan area shall earn on an average $32,390, and a CNA who, works in the area of Lewiston, or Idaho metropolitan area will get a salary of $21,100 per year.

In case you are working in a nursing home, then your average salary shall be $24,000 and those working in the hospitals shall get $26,500. CNAs working in a university can get up to $29,300 yearly.

According to the BLS, the mean CNA Salary in Missouri in May 2009 was $10.53 hourly or was $21,910 yearly. The median salary for the occupation was $10.28 per hour or $21,380 per year. The CNA Salary in Missouri ranged from $16,300 or less for the lowest-paid 10 percent to $29,030 or more for the highest-paid 10th.

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