August 22, 2017

Average CNA Salary in Pennsylvania

The duty of the nursing assistants is to offer basic nursing care to the injured or ill patients in hospitals and to residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities. They offer assistance to the patients and residents in grooming and in bathing, record their blood pressure and pulse rate, apply clean dressings, etc. It is essential for some nursing assistant positions to become certified. The average CNA Salary in Pennsylvania is same as compared to the national average for this occupation.


As per the federal law, the state of Pennsylvania fails to require certified nursing assistants except in nursing homes. There are several other types of employers who prefer Certified Nursing Assistants. One has to complete a state-approved training program and clear a competency evaluation, to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Pennsylvania.

Salary Range

As per, the average CNA Salary in Pennsylvania in January 2011 was approximately $27,580 per year. Those in the middle 50 percent of the earnings scale were making a salary of $25,190 to $30,290 per year. The lower 10 percent had salaries below $23,020, and the higher 10 percent were earning more than $32,750 each year. The average nationwide salary for Certified Nursing Assistants was quite alike, at approximately $28,330 each year.

Types of Employment

The CNA Salary in Pennsylvania differs depending on the kind of employment. The Certified Nursing Assistants working in nursing homes in York, had an annual average salary of $23,390 in January 2011, while the middle 50 percent had a salary in the range of $22,080 to $24,830. The Long-term care Certified Nursing Assistants had an average salary of $24,940, and the middle 50 percent were getting $22,160 to $28,460. The certified nursing assistants working in occupational health had an average yearly pay rate of $27,220, and the middle 50 percent were earning in the range of $25,080 to $29,890 each year.


In February 2011, the job search website showed approximately 40 job openings for Certified Nursing Assistants in York. The employments were available in home health care agencies, hospices, mental health services, rehabilitation therapy, senior care and skilled nursing centers.

There is availability of Live-in home care jobs, along with per diem, or as-needed positions, and several shifts including days, evenings and nights. Usually the job postings fail to offer any details regarding the salary. The Certified Nursing Assistant receives several facilities such as company-contributed medical, dental and vision insurance; free disability and life insurance; paid time off; a 401(k) or other retirement savings plan; tuition reimbursement; and continuing education programs. Those Certified Nursing Assistants working in nursing facilities were entitled for elder care benefits for family members.

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