September 23, 2017

Average CNA Salary in the United States

If you are thinking of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, you are more than likely interested in average CNA salary. Looking at data for February to March 2011, the money you earn will depend on your experience, the type of employer you will work for, and the city and state of your location.

Salaries vary in all industries, but you can enjoy a position that is recession proof. The demand for CNA’s is high. Your in a great position to have a career where you can be part of a team that cares about their patients, and as you are on the front lines, you will see the respect you get from your patients.

As a CNA you have the opportunity to make over time and bonus pay. The average CNA salary is 19, 615.00 to 26,502.00 including some overtime and bonus, You will also enjoy some nice benefits depending on where you work, but many employers of CNA’s offer a 401k, life and disability insurance, education/tuition reimbursement, and the ability to work about your schedule. It is a good deal!

It can be a factor if you are flexible to move to make the most money. New York City pays one of the highest CNA salaries with a gross from $28,000. – $34,000. Remember this is an average as your years of experience, and where you work makes a difference. If you add certifications and specialties you can make more.

On the other side of the country, the Pacific Northwest offers some of the most reputed medical centers and teaching hospitals that CNA’s can find many job openings with a generous average salary of $35,000. With so many options in Washington State to add certifications, you can have a nice career and move up the ladder.

There are a lot of factors that go into an average CNA salary. Arkansas offers lower salaries across the state. Salaries run $20.00-$25.000. Of course we want to be paid well for our hard work, but the location of your career plays a huge part in what you make.

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