August 16, 2017

Being Paid with CNA pay rate in Michigan

Based from the latest records published by the Bureau of Labour and Statistics, the state of Michigan is found to be included in the top ten list of states with the greatest demands for certified nursing assistants as of May 2011. The young population and high birth rate can be accounted for the significant growth of available jobs for nurse aides in the state. Then again, the limited number of nurses and medical personnel among many facilities and health care institutions remain to be the root cause of the dire need for more CNAs in Michigan. The federal government and nurse aide boards and registry may be strict when it comes to the compliance to the training and requirements prior to employment. Most individuals, however, are willing to go through tedious processes of certification because of the attractive CNA pay rate in Michigan.

Any individuals who can present a high school diploma or a GED along with copies of clear criminal records and proof of immunizations can be welcome to any CNA training programs offered in community colleges, state universities and private training centers. The state, of course, allows any individual with passion for serving others to get a job as nurse aides. Then again, the CNA pay rate in Michigan is way higher and more amiable compared to those received by nurse aides without certifications.

On average, the CNA pay rate in Michigan amounts to $26,010 annually. This, nonetheless, can increase up to $32,570 per year as the nurse aides gain more experience. Night, weekend and holiday shifts may also give night differentials that increases the wages received by CNAs. This would then translate to an hourly wage that ranges $12.51 to $15.66 per hour. Remember that those who were employed without certification are usually not required to receive these benefits.

The type of facility he certified nurse assistants have been employed in also affects the rate of wages they receive every year. Long term health care institutions, of course, give the highest salary offer than ranges around $33,000. This is because CNAs from these facilities are often left with hefty tasks and schedules. CNAs in hospitals, on the other hand, receive CNA pay rate in Michigan that can amount up to $30,000 annually. Be sure to inquire from the following facilities for job application requirements and salary offers in order for you to have sound choices for employment:

  • Woodhaven Retirement Community, 29667 Wentworth St Livonia, Michigan, USA
  • Henry Ford Village, 15101 Ford Rd Dearborn, Michigan, USA
  • Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, 2400 Portage St Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
  • Maple Creek, 2000 32nd St SE Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
  • Clare Bridge of Delta, 7235 Delta Commerce Drive Lansing, Michigan, USA

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