August 16, 2017

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Certified Nurse Aid Test

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Certified Nurse Aid Test candidates must be eligible to meet the criteria of one of five different categories. Candidates who meet these criteria are allowed to sit for the certification exam also known as the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP). Those allowed to take the test to become a certified nurse aid in Pennsylvania include: candidates who have successfully completed a state-approved nurse aide training course within the last two years; nursing students who meet specific educational requirements; candidates who have completed CNA training in a state other than Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania nurse aides who have a lapsed certification; and certified nurse assistants from another state with a lapsed certification.

All Bucks County, Pennsylvania CNA Test candidates must determine under which category they will qualify for the state examination. Once all application forms and paperwork are submitted, the nurse aid will then receive a confirmation letter informing them of the date, location and time of the exam. Candidates are encouraged to enlist the help of their nurse aid program instructors in completing these forms. These program instructors are Registered Nurses who have helped many students become certified.

As stated in the rules and regulations of the State of Pennsylvania, only qualified individuals can be employed in licensed long-term facilities statewide. Nursing assistant trainees who are enrolled in a CNA class may be employed in a nursing home or skilled nursing center and usually become employed in that same facility in which they are training. These health care facilities are also required by law to verify that a nursing assistant who may become their potential employee has the proper training and credentials.

After a candidate completes the Bucks County Certified Nurse Aid Test, potential employers will check a CNA’s status on the Pennsylvania CNA registry to make sure there are no records or incidences of patient abuse, mistreatment or theft during the CNA’s training. Screening such as these are also used for other health care professionals such as licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses and therapists.

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