August 22, 2017

CA CNA license Verification: what Should You Do?

As a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you are in the entry level of the nursing department. You are basically a health care professional whose main responsibility is to look after patients and help them live in dignity. As a CNA your main job role would be to perform simple tasks like routine care for patients and helping patients to move around.

You will also be required to prepare the patients bed, prepare his or her meals and take vital readings of patients every once in a while. As a certified nursing assistant, you will most probably work under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN). In this article we will discuss how you can get your CNA license from the state of California and verify it.

You can get your CNA certification from the California through the State Department of Public Health. Usually this department finalizes the rules and guidelines which have to meet by you to get the license. The department also decides on the vendors who are administering the examinations for CNAs who have successfully completed their training.

The state of California also has a board of nursing that decides on whom to appoint and whom not to appoint. Their website consists of the names of CNAs who have successfully completed their certification program and can practice in California.

Given below are certain conditions that you will have to satisfy to obtain your CA CNA license verification.

Age and no criminal background: To join a certification program, you must be above 16 years of age, have excellent health condition, and have a clean background.

Training schools: Once you are eligible to join a certification course, you will have to decide on the school from where you want to do get your CNA training from. You can get your CNA certification training from nursing homes and community colleges which have been approved by the board of nursing in California.

Course work: You must be aware of the fact that your certification program must consists of at least 150 hours of classroom and clinical training. You will be required to appear for few tests once the modules get over. You have to score excellent marks in all the module exams. You will also have to undergo training in communicating with the patient, infection control, safety procedures, and respecting patient’s rights.

License and salary package: Once you have successfully written your CNA certification exam, you will be licensed by the California state board of nursing. You can work in nursing homes or any health care organization. As a CNA in California your salary package would be $25,000 to $30,000 per year.

Remember after your CA CNA license verification you must always maintain your composure during high stress situations to ensure that your patients are happy with your work.


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    Can you be a cna when your 16 in the state of California?

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