August 22, 2017

California Certified Nurse Aide State Requirements To Keep License

California CNA state requirements to keep licenses is a relatively simple 4 step procedure that includes proof of Continuing Education Units as well as proof of work as a CNA.

The instructions for maintaining your license are as follows:

1) Complete 48 hours of Continuing Education or in-service training during the initial certification period of the Certified Nursing Assistant license. There are a variety of these Continuing Education courses including Anatomy, Phlebotomy or Pharmacology. Classes are also available to fulfill the ongoing education requirement.

Employer provided in-service trainings may also be acceptable. You can find out more about ongoing education through the Certified Nurse Assistant In-Service Training/Continuing Education form that can be acquired through the California Department of Health Services.

2) Work a minimum of one day as a Certified Nursing Assistant providing nursing services during the last two years of your certification period. This is not required if the license has been valid for a period of less than two years.

3) Maintain fingerprints on file with an agency certified by the Health and Human Services Agency, avoiding any criminal activity.

4) In conclusion, to complete California CNA State Requirements to keep licenses, download a “Nurse Assistant or Home Health Aide Renewal Application” from the State of California Health and Human Services Agency website, or call 916-327-2445 to request a copy. Fill out the form completely and submit along with the required fees to the California Department of Health Services Licensing and Certification Program, Aide and Technician Certification Section. Renewal applications may be submitted up to two years from the date of expiration of the most recent certification; however, individuals may not work as CNAs until their renewal applications are approved.


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