August 22, 2017

California CNA license: A Walkthrough

The healthcare sector is in dire need of certified nursing assistants (CNAs). A certified nurse assistant usually performs simple procedures and tasks under the guidance of a licensed practical nurse and registered nurse. They perform duties like helping a patient bath, helping a patient eat, helping a patient dress and living life with dignity.

A certified nursing assistant must also know how to take a patient’s vital signs and operate medical equipments during emergencies. All the states in the country have their own rules and regulations to become a successful certified nursing assistant and it is no different in the state of California.

You will have to complete your CNA training from an accredited institute and be successful in your nursing aide certification exam. This way you can practice either through a healthcare organization or practice privately.

Given below are few steps through which you can get your California CNA license.

Age requirements: An applicant has to be at least 16 years of age at the time of applying for a CNA certification in California.

Health requirements: Applicants must have certain health requirements according to the guidelines by the California community colleges health directory. You, as an applicant must undergo a medical checkup that approves your health condition which also includes a tuberculosis test. Unless the health requirements are met you may not be selected for the CNA certification course.

Background requirements: Applicants should provide a criminal background check and provide their finger prints. It is better to go through the rule book before applying for a CNA certification program. You can contact the California nursing assistant board for confirming the rules about the background requirement.

CNA course: Unlike other states that only require CNAs to complete a minimum 75 hour CNA certification course, in California CNAs will have to complete a 150 hour training course of both classroom and clinical training. You will have to do your clinical training from a local nursing home or hospital.

You will have to undergo training in the following topics patient’s rights, communicating with the patient, prevention management, protection from infection, patient care procedures, vital signs reading, charting, and dying.

CNA examination: Once the candidate has completed the 150 hour training program, he/she will be required to appear for a CNA certification examination. The exam consist of two parts namely written part and practical part which candidates have to pass by getting excellent marks to become certified.

Once you are certified, you will get a CNA license given by the California nursing board. You will have to remember the number of your license as it a proof that you have completed your CNA certification.

A California CNA license can be got through the above procedures. Good luck with your CNA license.


  1. Mary Ponce says:

    Can i become a cna at age 16 in PA?

  2. Donna Williams says:

    What can a cna provide to a healthcare organization?

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