August 18, 2017

California CNA License Verification: Why Do You Need It?

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is an ideal job as it requires the individual to perform certain tasks that others may consider inferior or naive. A certified nursing assistant will have to help patients who are usually elderly people live in dignity. As a CNA you might be required to help patients or clients use the bathroom, help them get up, stand, sit and perform similar activities which can be considered boring by many.

This article discusses about how you, as a CNA can get your license verified. After all only when your license is verified you can practice your work in California. For that you will need to know the various certified nurse assistants state requirements to keep your license.

Given below are few instructions for you to get yourCalifornia CNA license verification:

Complete your in service training: The first instruction for you would be to make sure that you complete your in service training of 48 hours. The in service training is also known as continuing education which happens during your initial training period. When you are in your initial training period of your certified nursing assistant license you will be required to perform courses in Anatomy, Pharmacology and others.

This condition may vary from state to state, so please make sure you either contact the proper authorities or visit the Department of Health Services website of your state to find out more on the in service training.

Finish your minimum nursing service work: You must remember to complete your minimum nursing service work of one day during the past two years as a certified nursing assistant. Supposing your certification period is valid for a period of less than two years then you are not required to perform this required nursing service work.

Provide all relevant information: You must regularly maintain all proper records with your nursing board. Records of your fingerprints that have been certified by the Health and Human Services Agency and a non criminal background certificate must be submitted to the board.

You can download the application form from the internet and submit it to the California Department of Health Services Licensing and Certification Program, Aide and Technician Certification Section. You can find the ‘Nurse Assistant or Home Health Aide Renewal Application’ in the State of California Health and Human Services Agency website and complete the form to maintain your nursing assistant license. You can also call 916-327-2445 if you are in California and request a copy.

Please make sure that you always submit your renewal license application form before the expiry date to keep your working nursing assistant license. There you go, just follow the above instructions and get your California CNA license verification.

Remember to always have fun in your work and to keep a positive frame of mind as you are interacting with elderly people who have been abandoned by their own children as they need your support and help.


  1. Elizabeth Shelley says:

    Can you do all 48 hours of in service training in the last year for cna renewal?

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    How many hours out of 48 can be done online cna ceu?

  3. Thomas Mendoza says:

    How you can be of service as a CNA?

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