August 20, 2017

Certified Nurse Aid Classes in Minneapolis, Minnesota

There are many options available for anyone looking for Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) classes in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are several accredited community colleges offering complete rosters of CNA classes. These courses prepare you to perform routine healthcare services for people of various ages, health conditions and in a variety of settings.

While free CNA classes are not offered in Minneapolis, according to the Minnesota Department of Health, a nursing assistant who pays for the cost of CNA training course prior to becoming a Nurse Aide qualifies for reimbursement. The graduate must turn in all receipts associated with the program cost, and request reimbursement from their employer. CNAs must work for a minimum of 90 days in a facility before requesting reimbursement. Nursing and boarding homes in the State of Minnesota are required by law to reimburse a CNA who has been in their employment for a minimum of three months.

One very well known school providing CNA classes in Minnesota is East Metro Opportunities Industrialization Center. East Metro is a vocational college that offers a CNA course, which can be completed in 16 days for the cost of $650. Upon completion of this course, a candidate qualifies to sit for the Nurse Aide Certification Exam.

Even though large numbers of CNAs in the Minneapolis area work in nursing homes, the demand for them is growing in the area’s hospitals. The roles for CNAs working in nursing homes and hospitals in almost identical but CNAs working in the latter might find their responsibilities expanded to include blood glucose monitoring, transferring patients to other facilities as well as discharging patients.

There is no shortage of CNA classes in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area so candidates should be able to research and choose the one that seems best to them. It is also helpful to visit these schools and speak to counselors and other students who are enrolled.


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