August 20, 2017

Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) Classes in Lawton, Oklahoma

There are a variety of options available to you if you are gathering information about Certified Nurse Aid classes in Lawton, OK. A CNA who has completed a CNA training class and who has also passed the state examination is qualified to work in a long-term facility as well as in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

CNA’s perform a number of duties in varying capacities depending upon where they are employed. For instance, CNA’s working in hospitals are responsible for basic patient care duties such as bathing, and taking and recording vital signs. Different hospitals employ different policies so sometimes a CNA’s duties may be expanded to include glucose monitoring, applying heart monitors, performing colostomy care and discharging and transferring of patients.

According to state legislation, candidates who wish to obtain jobs as Nurse Aids must complete state-approved CNA training programs and pass certification exams. Many types of facilities may train you for the Nurse Aid role in this state, with the most common being nursing homes, vocational schools, and community colleges. Most long-term CNA programs offered in Technical Colleges consist of completing 104 hours of instruction and clinical hours for a total cost of approximately $349.00.

In addition to the basic CNA classes in Lawton, Oklahoma, some technical schools in the area also offer a combined home health aide and CNA course which prepares the graduate to work in both long-term care centers and also home health care. This program consists of 120 hours of instruction for approximately $389.00. Completion of this CNA/HHA (Home Health Aide) course allows you to take not only the Nurse Aide Certification Exam but also the home health care examinations. All of the programs researched offer classes on weekdays, evenings and weekends, to better accommodate busy lifestyles.

There are also several free CNA classes in Lawton, Oklahoma area, but these need to be researched as this information is not readily available. State Universities are usually the facilities offering free CNA classes although if you wish to attend the free nursing assistant class, you must agree to work in a designated nursing home for at least one year after graduation.

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