August 23, 2017

Certified Nursing Assistant Exam

After completing a course on nursing assistant, you are now ready to become state certified and be qualified for the job position you are applying for. To become a registered nursing assistant, you must take and pass a certified nursing assistant exam that will determine your readiness and how much knowledge you’ve acquired throughout the duration of your classes.

Unlike other exams that will get you all tensed and sometimes might leave you mentally blocked, taking certified nursing assistant exam is not as difficult as you think it is provided that you equip yourself with what to expect so that you will be prepared. With thorough preparation, you are most likely to achieved marks with flying colours and would be able to apply for a job position you are qualified of. Although you might feel a little nervous and uneasy, keep in mind that the moment you pass the exam, you will be ready to start off your new career as a nursing assistant.

The exam consists of two parts. The first part requires the knowledge you have acquired all throughout the time of learning the nursing assistant course and the other part is the practical exam wherein you are to show the skills you have learned hands on. A certified nursing assistant exam will require both your analytical skills in answering the exam and your physical skills to be able to apply them in real life situations since you are to give care and assist patients and residents in their personal needs as they are no longer capable of taking care of themselves.

You have to study everything that you have learned while you are still studying the nursing assistant course. Refresh your memory by scanning over your previous notes on medical concepts and basic caregiving. These topics have been surely discussed in class so you will be able to remember them easily. The rest of the written test will require common sense since it will be asked in a straightforward manner. As for the second part of the certified nursing assistant exam, you have to take note of important details as you perform the task required. Approved medical examiners will be watching you perform 3 to 5 nursing assistant skills and to be thoroughly prepared will get you feel less nervous and more confident.


  1. Roosevelt Jennings says:

    How to be a Certified Nursing Assistant?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      First and foremost, get a GED or a school diploma. then take up a CNA training. Its not mandatory to take NNAAP exam to work as nurse aide. but this is recommended. Once you complete the training, you can start applying to work as nurse aide

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