August 16, 2017

Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Questions

As the health care industry rapidly rises, the need of health workers are also getting in demand. This is the primary reason why a lot of people are studying nursing assistant courses to be able to take part in the said field. To be able to qualify, a person who has finished studying the program should be able to prepare for the certified nursing assistant exam questions and eventually pass the exam.

Although a lot of examinations are nerve wrecking, being prepared on what to expect in taking nursing assistant exam will get you passed with flying colours. You have to be equipped with the knowledge you have learned all throughout the duration of the course and you also have to prepared in what to expect to answer in the certified nursing assistant exam questions. This will help you feel comfortable and with confidence knowing that you have come prepared and you already know what to expect.

The test has 2 main parts. First, you will be asked to answer written nursing assistant exam questions to be followed by an oral examination. After which, a practical exam will take place to gauge your skills in real life situations of handling patients and giving care. You have to refresh your mind in the lessons which have been taught to you comprising medical concepts and basic caregiving. Go over your notes and study them to get ready in taking the test. You also have to remember important details in handling patients during the practical exam.

There are 70 items comprising the nursing assistant exam questions, 10 of which are pre-questions, therefore they are not scored. They are only included for statistical data basis. All these questions are in multiple choices so you have to choose the best answer. It is then followed by a 60 multiple choice question and 10 word recognition or reading comprehension questions. After that, you will be required to undergo a practical exam where you will be tasked to perform 3 to 5 nursing assistant skills, rated by a nurse evaluator.

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