August 22, 2017

Certified Nursing Assistant Instructors

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) instructor is also called as Certified Nurse’s Aide instructor. He specializes in teaching individuals who wants to become a certified nursing assistant. The CNA instructors should be a registered nurse with two years of experience in nursing and work experience in caring for the old aged people and sick individuals. It is very essential that the CNA instructors acquire license from the state board before teaching.

Courses for CNA Instructors

There are different courses available for CNA instructors, some of them are:

CNA Instructor Course

The Certified Nursing Assistants main job is to offer care and concern for patients at care homes, hospital, and other facility centers. They should also perform feeding, bathing, dressing patients, grooming, and other services. These services are mostly meant for elderly people. Nursing staffs are given all the rights to supervise the CNAs.
The candidates with Registered Nurse credentials and who are interested in CNA training and nursing aide can take advantage of this course. State health department has approved this course. This course includes instructions for a week and training on how to assist the patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other illness.

Students learning this course can participate in clinical evaluation workshops that improve the practical skills and knowledge on certified nursing assistants. After completing this CNA instructors training program, the candidates will be capable to develop and teach a basic CNA program to others.

CNA Instruction for RNs Course

The RNs course teaches basic nursing skills to all individuals who are interested in medical field in all the accredited state programs. This training program includes various sessions and classes. Potential instructors demonstrate all the methods on how to develop the nursing lesson plans and principles of learning and defining legal requirements. The candidates are also taught to recognize the instructor as the driving force in the training program.

The instructor trainees should share their positive and negative work experience to their students. Students have to develop their self-assessment skills, questioning, observation skills, and techniques. These things are very important in RNs training. Once completing the classes, the students should display their teaching skills to others.

CNA Train, the Trainer Course

Candidates who possess Registered Nurse certificate are eligible for this course. The CNA Train, the Trainer Course is approved by the state health department. The training course duration is of 32 hours and includes all that is necessary for a CNA instructor. The class also includes various aspects and knowledge on teaching the certified nursing assistant programs in educational institutions. Candidates should have experience in hospital care, home health care, and long-term care.


  1. How o become a certified nursing assistant instructor?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      First, you need to be a RN. Then you should have a few years of experience as RN. Further to that you should attend the CNA instructor training and get certified to work as one

  2. Laurie Bartels says:

    I took the CNA Instructor course a about 2 years ago at a nearby college. I am a RN and was when I took the course. I need to know who I can contact to see if my certification is still valid and how I can get documentation of my certification or decertify if needed???

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