August 22, 2017

Certified Nursing Assistant Review Questions: Make the First Step to Success

There is a high demand for Certified Nursing Assistants all over the world today. Consequently salaries of Certified Nurse Assistants increase also. Certified Nursing Assistants are employed in hospitals, school health facilities, homes for the aged and private homes where there is a need for nursing assistant. The first step in acquiring a license needed by Certified Nursing Assistants is getting a course or program about nursing assistants. These courses are being offered on regular schedules at community colleges and vocational schools all over the country. The next step is the knowledge on the correct answers for certified nursing assistant review questions. The third step is having a clean criminal record.

The first step in getting a career in Nursing Assistance is looking for a suitable school. Some schools offer courses that have a time frame of two weeks. Other schools offer training program that lasts for two years. The first part of the Nursing Assistant Training Program is the classroom sessions. This must be taken seriously because certified nursing assistant review questions are based on these.

The classroom sessions deal with the lessons that tackle on the duties of nursing assistants. Some of these topics are as follows: Hand Washing, Proper Hygiene, and Care for the Nails, The Food Pyramid, Isolation Gown and its Uses, Child Psychology, Taking Temperatures, Infection Prevention, Getting Urine and Stool Specimen, All about Principal Charting. The knowledge of these topics will enable the student to answer the certified nursing assistant review questions.

After the program, the nursing assistant must apply for the Certification Exam given by the State Board he is in. The exam is built up of two phases of tests – the practical and the written. In the practical phase of the test, the state board aspirants are tested on five of the skills they acquired. A volunteer is needed by the nursing aide. The proctor will give a topic for example, temperature taking. The nursing aide will show the proctor how it is done. The proctor will grade his skills. The written part is about the topics taken in classroom. The certified nursing assistant review questions are tools to help you pass the exam. The test is in multiple-choice form. Upon passing the test, a license is soon to follow.

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