August 20, 2017

Clinical Research Online Course-The Basics

A clinical research online course can train you to be a Clinical Research Associate, which is also known as a Clinical Monitor, Trial Monitor, or Medical Monitor. Depending upon the company you work for, the title may be somewhat different, but the same duties are performed. Federal regulations are very specific about the originators of clinical studies choosing individuals with the necessary training who are qualified to monitor clinical studies. Guidelines are very strict about monitors being properly trained and ensuring that their qualifications are documented by the appropriate authorities.


A clinical research online course provides the necessary training to function as a member of a qualified team of clinical researchers. If you aren’t familiar with the duties of a CRA, this is a responsible position requiring you to be responsible for protecting the rights of the volunteers taking part in the studies, as well as their safety and well being. You must help to analyze all data collected during the study and to make sure that the site is in compliance with protocol when drugs are involved. FDA guidelines must be strictly met, as well as ICH Guidelines, GCP, or Good Clinical Practice, and HIPAA. Medical research trials are monitored very closely to ensure that everything is conducted according to regulations and proper protocol.


A clinical research online course is designed to give you all the skills to become part of a qualified team dedicated to conducting accurate medical trials. You must know how to preserve the integrity of the scientific and medical data that’s gathered during the course of the clinical research. All data that’s collected must be verified by the authorities regulating the studies for accuracy. If anything unforseen or adverse should occur during clinical research studies, the rlevant documents must be corrected for complete accuracy. All of the case report forms used during the study must be accurate and compared to the original source documents. An online program can give you all the skills you need to work as a CRA.


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