August 18, 2017

Clinical Research Organizations In North Carolina: Where To Find Them

Northern North Carolina


Following some basic Cardinal Directions, begin your search for clinical research organizations in North Carolina in the North. While no extreme Northern clinical research organizations in North Carolina were found, the most Northern point would be in Durham, NC. There, you will find the Duke Clinical research Institute of North Carolina at 2400 Pratt Street.


Duke is a well-known clinical research organization in North Carolina. At the facility, many clinical trails and projects are performed on a regular basis. The organization utilizes the willingness of volunteers to perform the functions of testing and developing new medical advancements throughout the state.


The other most Northern organization located is called Clinical Trials of America INC. You will find this organization located at 215 Executive Park Blvd. Winston-Salem, NC. This organization should be rather easy to locate as it is in the most Northern aspect of the state.


Southern North Carolina


Traveling on down to the Southern region to search for clinical research organizations in North Carolina, you will find Phar Point Research INC of Wilmington, NC. This organization is the only one found in the most extreme Southern direction ( actually SSE ) of the state. Phar Point Research INC is located at 1985 Eastwood Rd. #100 Wilmington, NC.


The remaining southern organization you will encounter is called Charlotte Clinical Research. This organization is located in the “Queen City” of North Carolina. The address for this organization is 330 Billingsley Rd. #103 Charlotte, NC.


Eastern North Carolina


Heading East, there are no clinical research organizations in North Carolina to be found towards the coast. There are, however, several organizations which are centered in the state towards the East. The first organization you will come to is INC Research of Raleigh, NC. The second organization you will see is Novella Clinical INC and it is located at 4309 Emperor Blvd. # 400 Durham, NC.


Next, you will find Polaris Clinical Research. This organization can be found at 200 Commonwealth Ct. # 101 Cary, NC. Another organization is Clinsys Clinical Research INC. CCR INC can be found at 8540 Colonnade Center Dr. # 501 Raleigh, NC.


Onto the next set of clinical research organizations in North Carolina! In Morrisville, you  will find an organization called Worldwide Clinical Trials INC. This particular organization is located at 1500 Perimeter Park Dr. # 150 Morrisville, NC.


The final clinical reaearch organization in North Carolina you will come to is called Clinical Research Consulting INC. This North Carolina organization is located at 7513 Drayton Ct. Raleigh, NC. Many of the state’s clinical research organizations are located within the proximity of the Raleigh area of North Carolina ( which is also the state’s capital ).


If you are seeking information, or are looking to make a visit to any of the above mentioned organizations, you should call ahead and gather information and permission before just showing up. Most of these places will not just allow the public to come and go freely within the building. Happy venturing in finding clinical research organizations in North Carolina!


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