August 22, 2017

Clinical Research Participation for CNAs

The CNA field of healthcare has expanded recently. Qualified CNAs are in higher demand than ever before. This trend is expected to continue for the next few years, as the longevity rates increase. Another factor is that people are becoming more aware and responsible for their health. Medical technology is making it possible for people with serious illnesses to live longer and even be cured. Clinical research participation for CNAs can train them to become research assistants in a clinical setting, at the entry level.

When a healthcare worker takes a job in clinical research participation for CNAs, they can get further training, and take a higher paying position as a Clinical Research Associate. A Clinical Research Assistant’s salary can be anywhere between $40-60k a year, while a Clinical Research Associate can make between $60-90k yearly. Healthcare professionals who train to be CNAs, sometimes make the decision to pursue a career in clinical research, since there’s an opportunity to advance and specialize in the field.

Clinical research participation takes place in a variety of lab settings. Anyone who is willing to participate in clinical trials can find out what’s happening in the field of clinical research by searching geographic location, how far you’re willing to travel, or what clinical trials are being conducted. In addition to public searches, doctors, Register Nurses, and CNAs can find out what research is currently being conducted, to see if they have have qualifications to participate.


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