September 23, 2017

Clinical Research Project Manager Jobs

Clinical Research Project Manager jobs include a variety of highly technical duties that can only be learned through education and experience working in a medical research lab setting. The qualified professionals who work on clinical trials are under the direction of the project manager or managers. Strict guidelines must be in place for clinical studies, all studies must be in compliance with federal or state regulations, and strict timelines must be kept to ensure the studies are conducted accurately. All of these duties are under the direction of the project manager who delegates duties to professionals in the lab according to their expertise.


Another aspect of Clinical Research Project Manager jobs is that all of the research documents that are applicable to the clinical studies and all data, must be carefully studied to ensure total accuracy. This is the responsibility of the project manager, who then delegates authority to other professionals in the lab to work on particular aspects of the clinical trials. Clinical Research Project Manager jobs cover a wide range of duties. The project manager must communicate with all members of the team. They’re responsible for coordinating monitoring visits. They conduct feasibility studies and select sites where the research will be done.


The project manager must negotiate the agreements involved in conducting trials and negotiate the budget for the project. They create all the documents needed to conduct the studies and plan and conduct all meetings about the progress of the clinical trials. Depending upon the project, different degrees in science or the medical field as well as experience in specialized fields are required.



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