August 22, 2017

CNA Certification Arizona

Arizona is one of the states that people flock to for retirement. They enjoy good weather. The medical services and nursing professions are growing. If you’re looking to start a career that can grow expeditiously, look into CNA Certification Arizona.

The Arizona State Board of Nursing monitors and approves the training programs for CNA students. You must pass tests that are both written and oral, a criminal background check, a state approved training program, which must be completed.

The program is 120 hours, which includes classroom and practical skills in a medical setting. Training facilities are all over Arizona and they make it work with busy schedules giving you many options. Choose your program carefully and make sure it is state approved. This is an investment of time and money so choose wisely.

One you begin your CNA Certification Arizona training program; apply yourself to the program and review and study, as this will prepare you for the final examinations. Apply for this testing with the D&S Diversified Technologies, the outsourced company assigned by Arizona to administer the CNA test. You can search on the web and download their entire Arizona Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook.

The test gives 75 multiple-choice questions and the skills portion is outlined in the handbook. There is a practice test you may take and several forms to be filled out to apply for testing. Study hard and apply yourself. You will be learning some very interesting skills as you learn how to be a CNA. If you have love for people and the temperament to help those in need, your will enjoy nursing. You will do well.

If you fail the test you will have several opportunities to re-take either the written/oral test or the skills test. When you pass your test, the results will be sent to the Arizona Board of Nursing and you will receive notification that you are eligible to be placed in the State Nurses’ Registry.

CNA Certification Arizona will open doors for you as far as employment or you just may want to jump to the next level in nursing. You will always have a job. The work is hard and demanding at times, but very rewarding.


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