August 22, 2017

CNA Certification California Procedure and Requirements

To practice as a CNA Certified California is a process that is slightly different than other states. Most states run similar requirements and that is why you should thoroughly investigate the process.

California’s programs are mandated and administered by the State’s Department of Public Health’s Aide and Technician Certification, or the ACTS. California anticipates a huge need for CNA’s as health care and advances in medicine continue to grow. It is a smart foundation to take the CNA training as a foundation of future choices in nursing or you can certainly enjoy may job possibilities as a CNA in California.

Total hours for this training is 50 hours of class time and 100 hours of practical training. Your combined program will be very interesting and you will learn areas as infection control, emergency procedures, the rights of patients, and the “vitals” as in blood pressure, pulse and taking the patient’s temperature. You must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED.

You can always locate online training as an option if you are holding down a full time job. The classroom instruction will be given online and then you would be assigned to a facility of the practical. Always remember that you have options in the CNA Certification California procedure. In this State, the program is a little more challenging because of the length of the course.

The State has many approved courses and California is a big state so there is probably an approved training course in your city. Check out the local community colleges, adult-training facilities, and health care centers, and always check at the State Red Cross. You may also find a place of employment to study and train if you have this approved beforehand.

Your selected training program will advise you as to the application process for taking the state examination. If you don’t pass it on the first time, you have a two-year period to retake the exam a total of three times. The CNA Certification California procedure mandates applicants are fingerprinted and a federal plus state background check conducted.


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