August 22, 2017

CNA Certification Colorado – Step Into A New Nursing Career

Being near the Rocky Mountains is one of the most beautiful areas and Colorado bustles with an active and growing economy. A new career might be just what you need so try CNA Certification Colorado. Nursing careers are on the rise along with the medical field so you would be able to complete your state approved CNA course and go right into a job.

You can contact the State Board of Nursing in Colorado. You can find a wealth of information on training programs. Also download the Colorado CNA handbook. A state approved training program will give you a minimum of 107 hours with 50 hours of classroom coursework and the remainder in clinical training where you will learn hands on nursing skills.

The course is intensive and demanding but you are up for the challenge. If you are training for CNA Certification Colorado, that shows a caring attitude and your desire to help those who are ill or those who on the way to recovery. Take the time daily to devote to your studies. If you are taking the classes at night, find the time during your lunch break. Remember that all good things require perseverance.

The State of Colorado out sources their application and testing process to PearsonVue in Denver. You can contact them when you are near the end of the course to get the procedure and start on the paperwork to take your examination for certification. The testing application will cost you 95.00.

You have options to train on line in an approved course or work in a geriatric facility that will give you immediate experience while you study and then you can take the training. Most nursing homes will reimburse you for all of your training as Medicare pays for it.
Completing CNA Certification Colorado will give you a bright future and a foundation to move up the chain of nursing care.


  1. Anika Sterner says:

    Where can you work in Colorado with a cna license?

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