August 23, 2017

CNA Certification Colorado Springs: Caring For Women

Ladylike Care


Women patients tend to enjoy the company and care of a female CNA. Most will look to you as a friend, and someone they can relate to. Though, training for your CNA certification, Colorado Springs instructors will teach you to treat all persons, regardless of gender, the same. Though, generally you will treat all of your patients the same, you may even feel a little closer to your female patients.


In most instances of care, female patients are a little more particular about all of the aspects of their care than the males. The ladies may have a certain routine they follow, certain creams, lotions, clothing, or ways of doing things, that they will voice to you. You should follow your patient’s instructions to the best of your ability, but remember to stay safe and professional at all times.


Shaving a Female Patient


During CNA certification, Colorado Springs instructors will guide you through the art of shaving. Both male and female patients like to be shaved in accordance with their personal standards of hygiene. Though a patient may only have a small spot of hair on one leg that needs to be removed, you should honor her wishes and assist her in shaving as if you were shaving yourself.


Before beginning a shaving session, you need to make sure that it is actually safe. Ask your supervising RN if the patient can be shaved and if you need to take any extra special precautions. For example, as a CNA, you may not be allowed to shave, or trim nails, of a patient that is diabetic because of the risk of bleeding and infection.


If you are given the “green light” to assist your patient in shaving, get all materials that you will need ahead of time. Get two razors, gloves, two or three wash cloths, two or three towels, and shave cream or gel. Ask her if she has her own items that she would rather use. If so, make sure they are in good condition before you use them.


Wet the area to be shaved with warm water. You can use a cloth, your hand, or a towel for this step. Next, make sure you apply the shave cream or gel. Next, ask if she wants you to shave upwards or downwards. She can tell you how she generally performs this task, so taking her cues will be beneficial


After you have finished assisting her, ask her if she has a cream or lotion she would like you to apply to the shaved area for skin comfort. If she does, be sure to apply it in a safe manner, and in accordance with the bottling, or packaging directions. If you made a small cut, be sure to notify the nurse so it can be cleaned and treated.


During your CNA certification, Colorado Springs CNA instructors will probably have you demonstrate your ability to perform this task on both a male, and female patient, during your clinical training period. Make sure you pay careful attention and do as you are instructed. If you make mistakes when it comes to shaving a patient, you could cause serious harm and health risks to them.


As a general standard, CNA’s aren’t allowed to shave a diabetic patient. The diabetic person doesn’t heal normally after injury or illness, and they also can bleed heavily. Your instructors will go over this information during your CNA certification in Colorado Springs.


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