August 22, 2017

CNA Certification Exam Prep Guide

CNAs are in high demand across the country. The field is expected to grow rapidly through 2014, since the longevity rate has increased, and medical technology is making it possible for people to live longer. CNA certification exam prep guide can be found online and provides sample questions similar to what is covered in the actual exam. A nursing assistant is expected to assist patients with daily activities including feeding, bathing, dressings, taking vital signs, taking patients to appointments, and to help them with any concerns they may have.


The CNA Certification Exam Prep Guide is designed as a learning tool to assist students training to work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospices, and in home health care. The training to become a nurses assistant takes anywhere from 75 to 120 hours, and sometimes longer, depending upon the state you reside in. A nurse assistant is an invaluable member of any medical team, since they are the link between patient and the supervising nurse they work with. All nurse assistants are required to work under the supervision of a Registered or Licensed Practical Nurse.


The CNA Certification Exam Prep Guide assists a student who is not only studying for the exam but would be of assistance to anyone contemplating getting into the medical field and wants to know what material is covered in the training program. When a student has completed training, some of the things they should know in order to pass the exam are basic health care procedures, patient safety, communicating with patients and dealing with any issues that arise, proper mobility procedures, and how to prevent infections. Other material is also covered, but the best way to find out everything you need to know before taking the exam, is to use an exam guide to give you the proper preparation.


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