August 22, 2017

CNA Certification Georgia Sets A High Standard

Georgia is one of many states enjoying a good employment for CNA’s. How do you acquire CNA Certification GA? The Federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act passed twelve years ago helps the improvement of patient care and helps move standards forward in CNA training.

The State of GA regulates that eight-five hours of classroom and clinical hours be included in the CNA training program. Registered Nurses must supervise the training at all times. It is said that the clinical program is of superior quality and because of that alone; a CNA could jump to a LPN or RN position in a good pace. Your training must be taken from the state approved courses.

Training for CNA Certification Georgia can take place in nurse training facilities, hospitals, community colleges, and geriatric, assisted living faculties. You can check for tuition reimbursement with facilities as some will pay you back for your expenses if you sign a work agreement.

Pearson-Vue is the vendor who handles the testing process, which includes written, oral and the clinical portion of the examination. The State of GA does not require a background check but those are often completed for application of work. To complete the application for testing, you must supply a copy of your completion of certification which has been signed by the course instructor and notarized after the course, a copy of your social security card and copy of a government issued photo ID.

The application is then submitted and you will be sent a letter of permission to take the test as well as instructions to bring it with you on the day of testing. While you wait for your test, take the time to review and prepare for your tests so you can pass it the first time. The time you invest during your training, and prior to the test is a bonus. You will be ready to charge forward into that testing room and then be excited to learn you are well on the way to your new employment.

CNA Certification GA will be a stepping-stone to either a new career, a jump off to additional level of nursing. You have made a wise decision and all of your hard work will be well worth it.


  1. Kelly Ames says:

    Can you get a cna license in Georgia without classes?

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