August 18, 2017

CNA Certification In Florida Requirements

The Sunshine State has one of the densest of aging populations in the United States. Add that to the baby boomers reaching their golden years and retiring to FL, you have enormous opportunity to train and start a new career.  Have you considered CNA Certification In Florida Requirements?


Health care is expected to leap at a fast pace in Florida over the next ten years. What steps do you take to achieve CNA Certification In Florida Requirements? The Florida Department of Health governs the CNA licensing through the Florida Certified Nursing Assistants Council.  They must approve the programs for CNA training. Programs are easy to find across the State of Florida but you need an accredited course.


The requirement for CNA students is a high school diploma, eighteen years, and you will have to undergo a criminal history check including submission of fingerprints, a current TB test and immunizations.  Each approved training course has similar requirements.


Course length of the CNA Certification In Florida Requirements is a two-part course, about 120 hours in length.  You will have classroom instruction as well as skills to learn in a clinical setting that you would eventually use on your patients. Be diligent in your studies and take this entire process seriously.  Set aside study time and practice your skills so you can take the tests and pass on the first time.


The program of CNA training will direct you to Prometric, the chose CNA testing vendor for the State of Florida.  You will then apply to Prometric with all the information they need including the criminal background, recent immunizations that this vendor dictates. Prometric will issues a letter that the application has been received and then Prometric will issue you a second letter with information for the testing center and date of your nurse competency examination.


On the day of your test you will take this letter with you to gain entrance to the training sites, the final step in CNA Certification In Florida Requirements.  Get a good nights rest prior to the test and review the material you are not sure of.  You will then be placed in the State Nurse’s Registry.  Off you go to your new career!



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