August 23, 2017

CNA Certification In Michigan: Aiding Alzheimer’s Patients

Learning About Alzheimer’s Disease

When you are getting your CNA certification in Michigan, learning about the aging process is only one aspect of health care. Alzheimer’s Disease claims many individuals each day, all across the globe. At the present time, there are no medical cures available for this disease, but you will touch base with a few ways doctors are treating the symptoms.


You will not go into too much detail about the medications that are being administered to patients suffering Alzheimer’s Disease, but you will most definitely go into detail about ways you can help affected persons manage daily life. You will get instruction on how to redirect a confused patient, ways to help them try and stay current on day date and time, and ways to offering a calming hand to an Alzheimer’s patient that is upset.


What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s Disease is a type of plaque which develops on the brain. The plaque slowly takes over the brain, which causes the brain to function below normal capacity. There are no physical pains which can be felt within the brain, but the emotional pain can be completely overwhelming. While getting your CNA certification in Michigan, your instructor will go over the things you can expect to see from a person suffering Alzheimer’s Disease.


Alzheimer’s Disease causes confusion, agitation, and the person’s ability to recall information, to become impaired. This is not a disease that affects only “certain” types of people. This disease can affect a person with an amazingly high IQ, and a person that usually never forgets a beat. Progression is generally slow, but even in the earliest stages, the patient will need plenty of care.


How To Help

In your training program for your CNA certification in Michigan, you will go over some time-trusted techniques that will enable you to help your patient live as much of a quality life as they possibly can. Your instructor will most likely have had experience dealing with Alzheimer’s patients, so listen carefully and take notes.


You will learn what the term, “sun downing” means, what redirection techniques work best, and memory tricks you can use with an affected person to help them recall things with a little less difficulty. It is a very sad disease, not only for the patient, but for the family.


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