August 18, 2017

CNA Certification in Milwaukee

If you thinking you are jumping on the bandwagon to become a CNA, it is a great move. CNA Certification in Milwaukee includes an approved training program, which has a minimum of 120 hours of classroom and clinical practices.

Many classes in Milwaukee will be from heath care providers who actually pay you while you are training. You do pay a classroom fee and attendance is usually mandated and must be without interruption.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services monitors and approves CNA training programs and testing. They follow the Omnibus Reconciliation Act, which assigns states the ability to approve training classes for CNA’s and other health care professionals.

Finding a program for CNA Certification in Milwaukee is not a challenge. Check with the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry or the Red Cross for approved training courses near your home. Often nursing home facilities, or those geriatric facilities that receive Medicare payments will train you for free as they are reimbursed through the government for your training.

You want to be sure your program is approved. The clinical portion of your training must be in an approved setting and managed by a Registered Nurse. The CNA training program is rigorous and you should always dedicate a portion of your day to review what you learned.

Get a copy of the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook. As you near the completion of your training program, make application to take your CNA competency examination. The exam comes in two parts: Oral or written and the skills component. The exam is only given in English but if you have a language issue, you can opt for the oral exam. Include that request on your application.

The CNA Certification in Milwaukee will be good for two years after you are placed in the Wisconsin Nurse Registry. If you apply yourself you can be employed as soon as you are in the registry. The certification exam results will be available the same day you take your test. Work to pass it on the first round. You can retake either part but why not get it right the first time. Train now and enjoy a career that will keep you busy and challenged.

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