August 22, 2017

CNA Certification in Milwaukee Wi

To become a nursing assistant in Wisconsin, you can get training at a community college, vocational school, or at some universities. Certain private foundations will also offer classes to be certified as a nursing assistant.

CNA  Certification in Milwaukee Wi requires that all students must be at least 18 years of age, and must complete an application to be admitted to the training program. The current curriculum for Grace Lutheran Foundation requires 80 hours of training. Students may apply to become certified by the state three weeks from the time they begin the training program.


For most CNA  Certification in Milwaukee Wi, the hours required may be anywhere from 80 to 120 hours, as it is in many other states. Students are required to learn about nutrition, physiology, daily care of patients, the proper way to assist them with mobility, basic first aid, and other coursework as mandated by the state. In Wisconsin, nursing assistants who are certified usually make around $26,000 per year at entry level. More experienced nursing assistants who have specialized can make $30,000 plus every year. All students must complete an approved state program and pass the exam in order to be certified. In Milwaukee county, seven approved facilities offer classes to be certified as a nursing assistant. All state approved courses require that students complete 120 hours of training.


CNA  Certification in Milwaukee Wi, may also be completed for employees of several private facilities who wish to become certified as nursing assistants. The way that these programs usually work is that only employees that were hired at one of the company’s facilities are eligible to enroll in classes for nursing assistant certification.

The cost of a program can vary depending on whether you enroll at a private facility or at one of the local community colleges or vocational schools. Classroom fees and/or testing fees may apply. You should check with the facility you’re interested in enrolling at, to find out what the costs involved will be. If costs involved are an issue, you can check into scholarships or grants that may be offered through some of the vocational schools or community colleges. In some cases, employees at health care facilities may be eligible to complete training to be a Certified Nursing Assistant free of charge if they agree to work at the facility for an extended period of time.


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