August 22, 2017

The Requirements of CNA Certification in Vermont

The requirements of CNA certification in Vermont are similar to the requirements of other states in some ways, such as mandating that applicants complete a training course before taking the exam. There are some differences too, like Vermont CNAs are required to have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent before starting a training program. It is important to follow what Vermont dictates certified nursing assistants to do or you may not be added to the state registry.

The federal requirement for certified nursing assistants is at least 75 hours of training, but some states require more. In Vermont, CNAs are commonly referred to as licensed nurse assistants. The state mandates that all who desire this position to complete an approved course lasting the minimum federal requirement, along with 30 additional hours of clinical training. The class must be a three-credit course that covers all the necessary topics including basic skills like personal care, mental health, and successful communication.

The requirements of CNA certification in Vermont also mandate certified nursing assistant applicants to pass the state exam after sending in their application the Board of Nursing. This test has a written portion consisting of 72 multiple-choice questions on the topics covered in training. The other part of the exam is a skills test. Applicants must perform five techniques needed for the position; two of these skills are hand washing and feeding patients. You must complete both portions to pass the exam.

Once you have met the requirements of CNA certification in Vermont and obtained your license, you will be eligible for employment as certified nursing assistant. CNAs can find jobs at various medical facilities as care providers for patients. As a certified nursing assistant, you will take on multiple tasks including checking vitals, bathing, and dressing patients while being supervised by the nursing staff.

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