August 18, 2017

CNA Certification MN – Meet The Challenge

The careers of nursing and demand to meet the ever-growing medical profession are great. Jobs are plentiful and services required for economic clients. CNA Certification MN is a good place to start in an entry-level position of nursing that can be enjoyed in many employment venues or you can use the certification as a jump off to the next level in your career.

Regulated by the Minnesota Department of Health, CNA training courses must be approved to ensure to meet the requirements for the final certification course. Minnesota also has an interesting bonus of reimbursement if you become employed by a geriatric facility. If the CNA pays for the course all expenses prior to employment will be reimbursed. You do need to demonstrate ninety consecutive days of employment to claim expenses including all monies expensed for the final examination.

CNA Certification MN requires course work totally seventy-five hours and one hundred hours of clinical experience. Depending on your training program, time invested could be as little as two months or as much as six months. Each approved training course has their own requirements to complete their course.

The training program can be challenging. You will be exposed to new terminology, physical anatomy, infection control procedures, privacy laws, state and federal regulations, patient care as bathing and dressing, interacting with family members, and the basic skills as taking a pulse, blood pressure, and related vital signs.

You’re making an investment of time and money. Make it worthwhile and study and review to prepare for your certification. Extra time as volunteering in a hospital setting to observe other nursing staff and CNA’s is a good way to gain more insight and clinical know how.

The Minnesota Department of Health out sources all compliance and pre requisites for taking the two-part CNA Certification MN. You can locate the handbook on line and really review what you need in a complete package. You must be eighteen years of age, have a background check, and submit fingerprints, documentation for immunizations, high school diploma or GED, and the required government photo identification. Follow the rules, fill out forms carefully and you will be assigned a testing time and day. You can take the course work part of the exam by writing or by the oral method, and then move to your practical clinical skills.


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