August 20, 2017

CNA Certification North Carolina – What’s Involved

CNA certification North Carolina can take as few as three days. As with every other state, North Carolina has its own requirements. Some programs require 24 hours of coursework in accelerated programs. However, a class in which everything is covered at such a rapid pace may not be for everyone. After completing the necessary coursework, the students are instructed on what to expect when the take the certification exam. All of the assessments and chapter tests are reviewed in class. A practice exam will prepare students for the actual certification. When all of the coursework and exam preparation is completed, students must learn the clinical skills that are included in the certification exam.


Another way to achieve CNA  certification North Carolina, is to take a distance learning course, also called home study. The home study program provides the student with all of the materials needed to learn the skills you need to be a CNA, and includes the textbook, the workbook, a guidebook that applies to anyone who is a resident of North Carolina, a DVD for the skills you need to learn, a practice test to prepare for the certification exam, and an answer key to check your answers.


CNA  certification North Carolina home study also includes the application needed to take the state mandated exam. Another option for a student who takes the home study course, is to sign up for a skill program. Although it isn’t required, it’s a good idea to take this course as it provides you with the skills necessary to work as a nursing assistant in North Carolina. The optional classes are known as clinical classes or skills classes, and the fee to participate in these classes is separate from the home study program and the application fee to take the state exam for certification.


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