August 23, 2017

CNA Certification Online: should You Go for It?

A CNA certification enables anyone to understand the nuances involved in being a nurse assistant. It proves to be the first step towards getting into the entry level position of a nurse assistant. Years back, no one knew about the CNAs since the nurse aides took care of both work related to medicine and patient care.

A nurse was allotted with a list of patients that she has to care for. It was entirely a team effort and no special trainings were necessary to become nurse aides. With time, the rules and regulations changes and were tightened further. Nurse aides were segregated from nurse assistants. The patient care and monitoring was separated out from the work of the nurse aides and was given to the assistants. Certifications crept in and formed the basis of becoming a nurse assistant.

Basically, when we take the CNA certifications, they can be taken up either in person or online. The certification training usually lasts from 6-40 weeks and generally included classroom, on the job and laboratory trainings. Community colleges, long term health care centers and vocational training groups have started offering this training. Additionally, there are several CNA online certifications providers too.

The best part of a CNA certification online is that it is flexible and can be taken at your convenience. However, not many online certification training providers offer the practical training aspect. The participation and in-person interaction and hands-on are the probable missing entities in case of doing a CNA certification online.

However, there are several online training providers who try to create a pseudo classroom environment where in the training is offered in a virtual sense. cna certification online However, in case of CNA training, there are certain aspects that you need to feel and understand and such aspects cannot be felt virtually or from a remote location. In person participation that involves learning the skill by means of trail and error is certainly an attractive aspect of the training.

When it comes to landing on a great job, acquiring the practical skill is of course treated as a value-add and does give an additional value! Nonetheless, CNA certification online prove to be good if such courses offer the practical hands on as a part of their training!


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