August 23, 2017

A Walk-Through of CNA Certification Programs

Who is a CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistants are those personnel who work in health care facilities and help nurses in patient care. They help in monitoring patient conditions, perform admission of new patients, take care of patient grooming, and personal hygiene and the like. Additionally, they are people who have imbibed the nuances of the fundamental legalities involved in caring patients. Generally the assistants undergo CNA Certification Programs and then take up the practical on the job training in almost all scenarios.

Features of CNA Certification Programs

Students who opt for CNA Certification Programs have the prerequisite of holding a school diploma or its equivalent. The programs in America run for at least 75 hours and include at least 16 hours of practical on the job training. Further to this, you are required to complete the state certification exam and apply for a suitable posting thereafter.

Even after becoming a CNA, it is important that you undergo 12 hours of education each year. You are expected to be in good physical health. Additionally, it is important that certified nurse assistants keep their vaccinations up-to-date since the work involves confronting and handling infected patients. The CNA who takes up a job should also be able to testify negative for a tuberculosis test. Background check and fingerprinting are even done when you get selected for a CNA position later.

Points to Ponder

Before you become a certified nurse assistant, you might be curious to understand the approximate money that you would be able to make a year. According to the reports from the Department of Labor, it has been said that a nurse assistant who has completed CNA Certification Programs has the potential to make $23000 a year. And the demand is going to skyrocket through 2016.

However, since the CNA Certification Programs form the basis and do not get into advanced skill levels, it is important that you take up a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Nurse (LN) certification. cna сertification programsPursuing further advanced education after taking up a job proves to be a must for promotions and advancements in career.

Yet another factor that needs to be kept in mind before you opt for CNA Certification Programs is the fact that the job is physically demanding since you might have to handle disoriented and invalid patients. Taking bio-hazard precautions is definitely a must since you might have to confront versatile patients. If you do not have a compassionate heart and do not have the patience to handle all sorts of patients, it is not advisable to get into this further.


  1. Delores Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing this advice on becoming a CNA. I have always wanted to help people out for a living, so becoming a CNA sounds like a great idea to me. In fact, I think I’d like to start looking for a certification program soon. Hopefully I can find one that will help me get my certification quickly!

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