August 22, 2017

CNA Certification Questions Should Be Answered Perfectly

Certification is actually required when you work for certified nursing assistant (CNA) jobs. You have to take a license test which will assess your capacity and knowledge about the profession. Failure to pass the examination would mean that you are not ready to deal with very demanding tasks like assisting the mentally ill or the elderly. Skilled workers are really needed in a stressful working environment. That is why license tests are conducted to measure how fit you are as a nurse aide. Preparation is the key to a successful examination. That is why aspiring nurses should prepare to face any kind of CNA certification questions.

There are several methods you can do in preparing for the certification test. First, you can create a study guide that contains salient concepts and procedures. You must have familiarity with medical jargons you used to learn from training school. The truth is that the exam will be easy for you if you have a good education. Another way is to answer practice tests found online. In this way, you can have a grasp of the actual exam. It is said that practice tests resemble the real certification test. If you really wish to be a nurse aide, you should be able to answer majority of the CNA certification questions.

The license test is divided into two types: written and hands-on. The written exam usually consists of seventy questions. The number of CNA certification questions and the passing percentage of the exam can also vary from state to state. The exam uses a multiple choice format and is printed in English. If you have any problems in reading English, you can have the exam through oral English or in other languages like Spanish. This is to assure that the candidate for certification can completely understand the test questions.

The second half of the exam is the hands-on portion. This part challenges the applicants to perfectly demonstrate at least five nursing skills. They are given twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes to complete each task. Skills such as taking blood pressure, bedpan use and measuring urinary output can be performed during the exam. If you fail to pass one portion of the exam, you can still retake that particular part. You do not need to worry about CNA certification questions if you have prepared well for the actual exam.

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