September 23, 2017

The Basics of CNA Certification Renewal

Certified Nurse Assistants are those personnel who work as assistants to registered and licensed nurses and help patients with basic care. Federal laws mandate that the trainee gets at least 75 hours of training before he sits for the certification exam. Additionally, when he gets certified, his name is included in the state registry of nurses.

Requirements of CNA Certification Renewal

CNA certification renewal policies differ by state. However, the general notion is that the renewal has to happen on a biannual basis every year. While some states mandate the certified nurses to testify credits of continuing education, some do not. Exemplars that require credits of continuing education include Nevada and the duration of education for this particular state is 24 hours while Arizona and Oregon are examples of states that do not require testimonials of continuing education for the CNA certification renewal process

While Nevada requires the CNAs to show 40 hours of employment in the last couple of years for this renewal, Arizona mandates 160 hours of engagement in nurse assistant activities and Oregon emphasizes on possessing a minimum of 400 hours of nursing related work in the last couple of years.

While the CNA certification renewal application are required to submit documentation testifying their credits of continuing education and employment, applicants are also expected to submit proof of work authorization in case of every single person applying for the renewal. In addition to all this, states also perform a criminal and a background check on the applicant on each and every CNA certification renewal they apply for.

Usually the applicant is required to pay a nominal renewal fee of around $50-$60. But, this is likely to vary by state. cna certification renewal If you request for an address change or ask for a permit card authorizing the renewal or if you intend to renew your lapsed license, you might have to pay an additional fee for this CNA certification renewal process.

While this article offers an idea on the possible documentation, employment and education proof that you might have to submit for the renewal, the requirements for the CNA certification renewal differ from state to state. As such, it is important that you contact the Department of Health and Human Services or the Board of Nursing within the state to get the current and exact requirements for the renewal process whenever there is a need for the same in reality.


  1. Jean Johnston says:

    How to renew your cna in Ohio?

  2. Tanya Fanella says:

    I work in a Hospital as a Unit Secretary how do I uptain my renewal of my C.N.A. certification if the hospital does not pay for it or train for it?

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