August 22, 2017

What Are the CNA Certification Renewal Requirements in Florida?

Basic nursing duties are performed by a certified nursing assistant (CNA) under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. The duties of a CNA includes answering call signals, helping patients getting in and out of bed, transporting patients and any other services which a nurse is authorized to perform. Anyone with queries in Florida should contact the Certified Nursing Assistants Council, part of the Florida Board of Nursing.

Education Requirements

A potential CNA in Florida is not required to complete an education program but if he or she wishes to do so then, the CNA program must be approved by the Department of Education. In case any one is not sure if a particular school meets the requirements then, they should contact the Council for confirmation.

Those CNAs who intend to exclusively work in a nursing home setting, do not require to undertake a nursing home preparation training and they should consult the Board for acceptable programs. Such candidates for Florida CNA Certification Renewal Requirements exam can work for a period of four months without certification while undergoing the process.

Any person who does not pass the Florida CNA Certification Renewal Requirements exam three times must undertake an approved training program in order to retest, including anyone who already has undertaken a training course.

CNA Certification Renewal Requirements in Florida


All the candidates are supposed to clear a two-part Florida CNA Certification renewal Requirements exam, which is governed by a private testing company Thomson Prometric. This exam includes a written portion and a practical portion, during which the candidate shall have to display his or her ability in five nursing assistant skills, which are randomly chosen by the administrator of the exam. In case a person fails to complete an approved training program then, he or she must be minimum 18 years old and should have a high school diploma or equivalent to undergo the exam. The candidates must directly register with the testing company, which will forward results to the Board.

Out-of-State CNA

All those CNAs who already have certification in another state can apply for reciprocity. These candidates should posses their current license in good standing. Florida does not require these candidates to take the state exam. They can work in the state for a period of up to four months while the transferring of the license takes place.

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