August 22, 2017

CNA Certification, San Antonio: Shaving Is an Art

When you begin your training for CNA certification, San Antonio instructors will guide you through the basics of personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is important in maintaining a healthy, happy life. The actions involved in personal hygiene may be relatively basic, easy, and simple for most people, but there are those that can no longer perform these tasks themselves.


When a person needs assistance in performing these basic tasks, CNA certification San Antonio will give you the skills you need to be the biggest help someone can have. You would be surprised at just how difficult holding a tooth brush can be. You will see how difficult it is to pull up pants, put on a shirt, or hold a fork. These little things are normally taken for granted…until you can no longer do them on your own, that is.

Shaving a Man


CNA certification, San Antonio, will teach you how to properly shave a male patient. You have to be as sincere, patient, and understanding as you possibly can while helping a man shave his face. Remember, this is something he has done for himself most of his life, and he probably isn’t very proud of the fact that he now needs help to do it. Most will be happy just to get a shave, but there will be those that are very demanding, or even very particular, about the way it is done.


You will need to gather all of your items needed for shaving him in advance. Get at least two hand towels, two wash cloths, shaving cream, and a razor or two. He may have his own supplies, so be sure to ask him. Also, as if he would like lotion or aftershave when you are finished; he may have his own so be sure to ask about this too.


When your instructor goes over the safety details of shaving during your CNA certification, San Antonio, he or she will always remind you to wear gloves. It will feel a little awkward shaving and holding a razor with gloves on, but it is for the safety of you and your patient. Make sure you have well-fitting gloves and at least a pair or two within reach in case you need them.


Get in a comfortable place, usually his bathroom, and make sure he is seated and relaxed. If your patient is very agitated or angry at the moment, you may want to put off shaving until he is in a more relaxed state. If you wait, you will avoid cuts, not only for him, but for yourself. If he insists on shaving now, explain that you will need him to just relax for a few moments and enjoy a nice, warm shave.


Wet his face with warm, not hot, water, If he asks for hotter water, remind him that there remains a risk of scalding and that you can only get the water so hot. You can use your hands, a wash cloth, or one of the hand towels to get his facial skin wet. Next, apply shaving cream all over the area(s) you are going to shave. Now, begin slowly, safely shaving your male patient.


Most men like to be shaved the way they would do it themselves, so try to follow his instructions. Otherwise, begin at the jaw area and shave down to the jaw line ( on both sides ). Next, get the upper lip area, and again, shave down. Finally, get the area beneath his jawline.


This is the area you need to be ever so careful with. You do not want to cut a patient at the neck area due to the thin skin and arteries which lie just below the skin. Shave your patient gently from back to front. Start at the neck area, and glide up to jaw line. When done, rinse his face with warm water, pat dry with a towel, and ask if he would like lotion, baby powder, or aftershave applied to his face.


No Tips


Many gentleman enjoy having a lady shave them, so don’t be surprised if they are a little flirtatious, or offer money as a tip. Some males would rather have a male shave them, but generally, male residents tend to favor the ladies. If your patient offers you any gifts or money. you kindly say no thank you because accepting payment or gifts is usually against company policy.


If your patient insists, just keep kindly refusing, but redirect his attention. Spark a conversation up about the weather, lunch, or his favorite sports team. That will usually do the trick quite nicely, but your instructor will offer more tips, tricks, and suggestions during your CNA certification, San Antonio.


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