September 23, 2017

A Quick Look at CNA Certification Test

CNAs have become an inherent part of the health care system today. They constitute the non-medical patient care within the health care facilities. Though the position is rewarding, becoming one on the fly is just not easy. If you are yearning to become a certified nurse assistant, you might have to take up a training that would go for 6-12 weeks and then a CNA certification test. The training would help you to acquire the proficiency necessary to pass the written and the oral part of the certification exam.

The CNA certification test consists of two parts. The written test part is intended to test the basic knowledge related to the duties of the CNA. The questions are likely to revolve around the best practices that are followed in patient handling, the ethics that a CNA needs to have at home and the knowledge on adherence to security in handing patients at health care facilities.

The oral part of the CNA certification test tests 5 of the basic CNA skills out of the 25 that would have been taught during the training period. Skills that are tested usually include the way the examinee adheres to personal hygiene of the patient, the procedure followed to record patient’s blood pressure, pulse rates and the like, the proper use of protective equipments when handling the patient, the type of communication that the examinee adheres to when it comes to confronting patients at the facility and the like. However, none of the questions will be out of the ones that a CNA is not expected to perform.

cna certification test

If in case, you happen to fail a part of the test, say the oral part, you are allowed to take up the failed one and complete your CNA certification test. However, the maximum attempts that are allowed is only 3. If you do not get through in any of the three allowed retakes, you might be asked to take up a refresher course again.

If you happen to get certified at a particular state and happen to move to another state, you can go ahead and take up the CNA certification test without going through the training once again. In those cases, if you do not get through the first attempt, the state might make a refresher course mandatory prior to taking up a retest. However, the regulations might vary with state.

As such, before taking up the certification, it is essential that you are familiar with the nuances involved! Go ahead and contact the nursing board of that state and that would help you in getting all the details that you need!


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