August 22, 2017

CNA Exam in Texas – What’s Required

For CNA exam in Texas to be waived when you move from another state and are certified to work as a nursing assistant, you must currently be registered as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state you were previously residing in. Your license must be in compliance with the laws of that state, and must not have expired. Whatever the state’s compliance with federal law is, must also be taken into consideration.

CNA exam in Texas for the certification as a nursing assistant or nurses aide as it’s called in some states, all students are required to take an examination consisting of two parts. Part of the exam requires students to demonstrate the skills they’ve learned with a hands-on test in a clinical setting. Five skills that are selected for each student at random, are chosen by the supervising nurse who monitors this portion of the test. Students must be familiar with all skills necessary to care properly for patients. After the clinical portion of the test, students must pass a written test which will consist of 60 questions that are multiple choice.

CNA exam in Texas varies from other states, since each state has its own requirements for certification. In Texas, state laws require that any community college, vocational school, or authorized facility offering training for nursing assistants has to provide 75 hours of coursework, at a minimum. Of that time, 51 hours are spent in the classroom. An additional 24 hours are spent learning necessary skills in a clinical setting, under a registered nurse’s supervision. After completing training as a nursing assistant in Texas, you must take the exam within 24 months. You can take the certification test at any place that’s authorized by the Department of Health, or at a school that provides testing to be certified.

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