August 22, 2017

CNA Instructor Requirements

The Certified Nursing Assistant instructor plays vital role in planning programs and classes for candidates who want to pursue an educational degree or qualification for becoming nursing assistants. They also teach candidates on how to develop skills and knowledge needed to obtain certification. Requirements for the instructor position vary by state, but most are similar across the board.

For becoming a CNA instructor, a candidate should possess various requirements. CNA instructor requirements are very much essential for successfully joining as a CNA instructor. Some of the important cna instructor requirements are:

Education: The educational qualification for CNA instructors includes a certificate course on Registered Nurses from a well-recognized and accredited nursing institute or center. This center or institute should possess the license for teaching and training classes to CNA candidates.

Experience: The experience for this course includes two to three years of nursing care in any hospital or other care centers. One or two years of experience in nursing care for a long-term care facility are required. Five years of experience in the related field will be most preferable.

Training: Most of the states prefer the new CNA instructors to go for a training courses and classes that are approved by the state. The candidates should possess a master degree or a good training experience in the medical field.

Physical Ability: Candidates who want to pursue or wish to join the CNA instructor course should be perfect in their physical appearance. They should not be lagging anywhere when concerned to physical health and fitness. Because, candidates in this training should be capable of lifting weights for re-positioning patients in the wheel chairs or beds and assist them in various ways during their illness. Therefore, candidates who are undergoing hands-on CNA training should be perfect in their physical appearance.

Legal Knowledge: The general knowledge and skills for CNA instructor is very important. The job requirements for CNA instructors include knowledge about the state and federal regulations, and modifying the curriculum when those regulations change.

For becoming a successful CNA Instructor, you have to follow these steps strictly. This is a five step process and is as follows:

• Attend Nursing School
• Acquire RN Licensure
• Job Experience
• Trainer Certification Course
• Teaching CNA Classes

Some of the programs that are included in the CNA instructors training program are family and individual wellness, pharmacology foundations, clinical nutrition, patient assessment, altered adult health patterns, and ethics in nursing.
Thus, for joining the CNA instructor job successfully, the above cna instructor requirements are required. You can easily get into the popular hospitals and medical centers.


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