August 18, 2017

CNA License Exam: All That You Need to Know

With the increase in number of jobs available as certified nursing assistants in nursing homes and healthcare settings, it is crucial that you know how to crack the CNA license exam. A certified nursing assistant usually performs simple duties like assisting registered nurses in nursing homes or healthcare settings to look after the patients well being.

According to federal laws in the United States, a certified nursing assistant must go through rigorous training to get his/her certification. A student is required to attend a nursing assistant certificate course from a community college or institute that is approved by the state of origin of the student.

The CNA certification training program usually requires the students to complete at least 80 hours of training. It is usually divided into 51 hours of classroom training and 24 hours of clinical training, which must be done in live healthcare facilities. Once the CNA certification course is complete and the requirements are met by the student, he/she will have to appear for a CNA license exam.

For that the student will have to fill out an application form to take the CNA certification exam. The paperwork will also have to be filed by an instructor appointed by the state nursing board. The student will have to score excellent marks in both the written and practical exam to be certified and get a CNA license.

Any exam can be a testing period for anyone. But when you few things before hand, you can be prepared to face them.

Here is what you need to know before you take your CNA license exam.

Once you have applied for your CNA license exam, you will be issued with a testing notice. The testing notice will contain information on your CNA centre and give you that date and timings for your exam. Your practical exam would include performing tasks like taking blood pressures, temperatures of the patient, and dressing patients.

It is always better to go a little early to your exam center and spend some time relaxing there. Make sure that you take few pencils, your ID, and a watch. Usually you will be asked to take the written CNA exam. The written exam is usually quite simple as you will be asked questions based on your work and what you have learned during your training.

The important part would be the hands on test. You will be required to perform at least 5 skills on the patient. Remember to be friendly and maintain proper hygiene during your practical. You will have to remain clam and composed as you will be doing it live on a real patient.

Some practical exams are performed n a dummy. The vital thing to remember here is that you will be observed by an instructor, so remember all the steps and procedures while doing your task. Supposing you don’t clear you’re written or practical portion of your CNA license exam during the first time, you need not get tensed. You can give the CNA exam again twice.

You just need to make sure you prepare well the next time you give your CNA exam. Good luck.

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