August 22, 2017

CNA License In California

The state of California has many elderly people who need care and medical attention. This is where the need for quality certified nursing assistants arises. A certified nursing assistant is a very noble and effective job in the healthcare industry. According to job portals, there have been a steady increase over the past couple of years in the number of certified nursing assistant jobs in the United States.

Many hospitals and nursing homes in the state of California have plenty of vacancies for certified nursing assistants. You could say that doctors and nurses are too preoccupied with their work that they don’t seem to have the time and luxury to spend quality time with patients and help them in their daily chores.

These kind of situations give rise to individuals who can help patients move, sit, get up, and live in dignity. In other words, these kinds of situations need someone like a certified nursing assistant. Whether you are residing in California or elsewhere, you can get your nursing assistant certification done from any state in the United States.

Nearly all the states in the United States have a nursing board that is in charge of conducting the certified nursing assistant exam. Supposing you have already done your certified nursing training from other state and are looking for a refresher course, then you would be happy to know that you can do it right from California. You need to beware of the fact that CNA license in California is valid only for two years after which you will have to renew it.

California CNA Certification Requirements: Before moving to your course, you need to beware of the requirements for applying for a CNA license in California. It is quite simple actually as you just need to complete the training program and pass the certified nursing assistant exam. If at all you can’t clear the CNA exam, you can appear for the test three times in 2 years.

According to federal law, a certified nursing assistant program usually last up to 8 to 13 weeks and 100 hours of practical. Once you clear your CNA exam, your name must be registered on the California Nurse Aid Registry which lets you practice on your own.

Required Hours for California CNA Certification: Like mentioned above you must have completed a minimum of 75 theory hours and 100 practical hours in a hospital or nursing home that is accredited by the Nursing board of California.

California CNA Certification Prerequisites: You need to have a background check, provide two fingerprint cards, photo ids, two passport size photos, negative TB test, and possess a high school diploma or GED.


  1. nicolas colon says:

    How to renew cna license in california?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      You can contact either the state nurses registry or the California board of nursing. Your license should be expiring in the next 90 days. else it should have been abandoned within the last 8 years and this is counted form the last expiration date

  2. How to find my nurse id number for registry?

  3. Can you fax cna renewal CA?

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